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QuickVet is a TYRO IP Eftpos certified Integration provider. 

Vetsone has worked with TYRO to provide a seamlessly integrated payment, reporting and reconciliation solution for our users. You can expect these benefits from using the TYRO Merchant service integrated with our QuickVet software:
– Speed up the card payment process
– Process card transaction from QuickVet practice management system
– Quickvet communicates with the Tyro EFTPOS terminal via internet  protocol (IP). No phone line required!
– One terminal for all applications
– No more rekeying
– Reduce data errors from double entry
– Secure, real time, online reconciliation using software on the local server.

To assist you with any decision making regarding TYRO we have created these short videos showing the various processes

Typical successful TYRO transaction at Final Billing

The Client can start entering details into the EFTPOS machine as you are finalising the payment, it then waits till you call up the TYRO interface by hitting a Process button. The whole process(once the PIN is entered) takes only 5 seconds and that is pretty typical. The entire video  only last 31 seconds in this case, and some of that was me wasting time when entering my PIN.

Typical rejected TYRO transaction at Final Billing

If the payment is rejected OR cancelled for any reason then you are returned to Final Billing to request a different payment method. Note that the actual time taken to “process”(once the PIN is entered) this event was only 4-5 seconds of the recording. This is typical of the response time of the TYRO merchant system.

Reporting and logging of transactions

QuickVet collects data about each transaction for you to view as required. Additionally you can use a TYRO application to view and report all transactions for the EFTPOS Terminal