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Introducing the Vetsone Services and Products

Let us help you with all your IT requirements. We can advise and supply all of these Services and Products for you regardless of what PMS you use.

Vetsone is a Veterinary business solutions company based in Australia. The company is entirely Australian owned by practitioners working actively in the profession.

Click on the links below to read more about our main solutions:

Vets1Laser for Laser Therapy and Laser surgery

VetsApp Mobile Phone APP for your Practice

QuickVet Practice Management Software

IT support Services

In addition to Sale and Support of QuickVet we can offer advice on the implementation of a variety of IT services in a Veterinary Practice environment.

This includes:

OUR new Smartphone APP Design service for Veterinary Clinics. Vets-App is an on-line APP designer which allows the Clinic to manage all aspects of a business APP for the benefit of clients. You can do all the design yourself or we can do it for you with professional graphic design.

 The Global Digital Imaging solution for Medical and Veterinary Practices. Most Veterinary Practices in Australia(and elsewhere) are still storing image data locally instead of using cloud-based storage like our Medical colleagues. This risks data loss and prevents easy sharing of images to internal and external(such as Specialists and Clients) viewers. QuickPacs provides 7 years backup of images and allows viewing on unlimited PCs including full DICOM viewer sessions. QuickPacs can be installed with virtually ANY Digital system that can do a DICOM Send. Call us for pricing.

We are resellers for the world class iDrive Cloud Backup service. We can provide licences for single or multiple servers or PCs and even monitor the regular backups so that you are free to manage your clinic and not worry about data protection. Our rates are cheaper in AUS$ than ordering direct from iDrive, starting at AUS$160+GST per annum for 50GB storage including unlimited Servers/PCs

 TYRO Merchant Integration– improve the efficiency and accuracy of your EFTPOS transactions with Australia’s only NON bank EFTPOS merchant. QuickVet is a an integrated POS provider for TYRO and you can see more details HERE

 Cloud Virtual Server Hosting using VPS Blocks. We maintain an active Virtual Server to provide a backup Server when a customer’s Server fails for any reason.

  • 3G Internet and remote access using the wireless Internet for working at other sites or doing visits.
  • VPNs (private networks between sites)
  • VOIP – dramatically reduce your outgoing call costs without any interference with the normal incoming calls
  • ADSL/2 Internet
  • SMS texting via Internet for clients with mobile phones, another great way to cut costs and give better service at the same time.

We welcome your enquiries about QuickVet or any other IT service regardless of which Practice management Software that you may be using. Please explore the links on the left and contact us with any questions you may have. We will respond promptly to your enquiries.