QuickVet Practice Management Software

Vetsone has been selling and supporting the QuickVet software in Australia since 1997. The QuickVet software is co-developed with ServiceVet(previously BWCI), a US programming company based in Delaware. We are looking forward working with ServiceVet, with our joint commitment to providing reliable, easy to use software for any type of practice. 


QuickVet is installed in clinics all around Australia(and USA) and we are committed to providing software support and hardware services to these clinics. Our mode of installation for QuickVet is been to utilise a Terminal Server with a range of connected Thin Client workstations. These are generally Windows PCs but they can just as easily be Linux PCs, Macs or simple Think Client devices with no moving parts at all in them(dumb terminals). We have been assisting our users to upgrade their aging hardware to adopt the terminal Server approach, thus dramatically improving
the speed and reliability of the software, simplifying the addition of new terminals and allowing easy remote access to the QuickVet software from home or branch. The version of QuickVet is now available for use on all existing versions of Windows including the latest Windows Server and Windows8 and Windows10. It is even possible to use a well specified Windows7, Windows8 or Windows10PC as the “Server”, which provides significant savings compared to purchasing and configuring a true Windows Server. The processing speed of any of these machines also benefits dramatically by the use of Solid State Drives instead of old style hard-drives. These SSD devices are now very affordable for even a large sized clinic dataset. As well as providing all of the usual management tools expected of a PMS QuickVet also offers:

  • EFTPOS Integration with TYRO, Australia’s ONLY non-bank merchant provider.
    Click here to see more details about the TYRO service.
  • SMS text messages to clients
  • e-mail message to clients, including an attachment.
  • multiple sites, including reporting specific to each site.
  • multiple Daybooks/Banking

QuickVet can also be run on a Cloud Server and then accessed from a single or multiple site. This provides the reliability of a centrally managed server in a data-centre and allows much faster access to the data than is possible if the server is being accessed via the usual ADSL upload service in a clinic. 

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