Grow Your Practice with Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a rapidly growing technology available to Veterinarians for the treatment of pain and inflammation in all species.

There is no magic or trickery involved with this treatment modality, it really does work. You can provide this technology easily for your Clients and their Pets at a very reasonable fee using the newer Class4 Laser Therapy machines like our VETS1LASER.

You can see a lot more information about the benefits of the Vets1Laser HERE and there is plenty of other data about the efficacy of Laser Therapy which we would be happy to share with you on request.
One day every clinic will have one(or more) of these devices to provide additional pain management options for their patients. 
Why not contact us and get yours soon? 
Your Clients and Patients will be more than happy and if you don’t get started soon someone nearby will start up a “Rehab Clinic” and help themselves to your clients anyway.